HCG injections for weight loss are the latest innovation in the medical field regarding weight-loss yet thoroughly tested and proven safe for weight loss. The number of people getting their lives changed by losing weight with this therapy increases every day.

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) injections for weight loss work in collaboration with your own hormonal system in a quite natural way. HCG works to reduce the hunger pangs, hence decreasing the binge eating and unnecessary food intake at times. 

This post will cover everything you need to know about how they work, why they might be right for you, and some potential risks associated with them as they are present with any medicine available in the world.

1. What are HCG injections, and what do they do?

HCG is short for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, it performs various functions, ranging from helping a pregnant mother to continue her pregnancy to sperm maturation in males and even more. 

It is produced by the placenta of the pregnant mother. It helps to maintain the pregnancy and growth (thickening) of the uterine wall to contain the embryo. [1] 

In addition, it gives a positive feedforward for the production of estrogen that is responsible for the start of lactation in the mother after delivery. Thus, these hormones facilitate various processes inside human beings. That’s the beauty of Nature to showcase its utmost authority and that too with minimal effort at all and at the same time giving a million reasons for the existence of life on the planet Earth. One cannot tell everything being done by the natural hormones but can try to mention some, so is the case with HCG. [2] 

Weight loss is one of the most important roles discovered by the scientist apart from the natural roles it performs by itself in the body.

2. How do HCG injections help with weight loss?

HCG injections help weight loss by helping the body better utilize stored fat. It wouldn’t be strange if we call it a fat mobilizer. In addition, HCG helps to reduce cravings for carbohydrates which is essential in being successful with any dietary plan. [3] 

HCG injections have been known to boost metabolism by up to 500 calories per day when combined with a low-calorie diet and moderate exercise program that includes cardio and strength training exercises twice a week. 

The success rate of these programs also increases tremendously because people feel less hungry while going through this process, mainly due to the very high levels of self-esteem associated with seeing results on the scale quickly coupled with improvements seen throughout the body. The most important thing that a bodybuilder would understand is that it stops muscles from breaking during hunger, rather it mobilizes fat to provide energy and at the same time allows muscles to develop even in a caloric deficit.

3. What are the side effects of using HCG shots for weight loss

On one hand, where there are a lot of benefits of HCG therapy, at the same time it has some untoward effects also. 

 Some symptoms include:

  • Headaches
  • Hunger pangs
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue

This is not an exhaustive list, and you may experience other symptoms depending on your body and how it reacts to the HCG shot. It is essential to be aware of these potential side effects before starting your weight loss journey with HCG injections. 

It is always best to consult a specialist before taking any treatment and here with the HCG injections also, you should meet your doctor and ask about your plan. 

Remember, you should always listen to your body and make changes as needed to reach your goals safely and effectively. Nothing in this world is without the untoward effects so, it’s not a strange thing to talk about the side effects of HCG injections. 

What one must keep in his/her mind is to consult the doctor immediately, if he/she feels anything different with any treatment.

4. How to use HCG injections for weight loss?

If you decide to use HCG injections for weight loss, you should know how to do it correctly. Injections can be administered at home or in a clinic under an expert’s supervision. They are usually given once daily, and the injection site is rotated every day. 

No matter where you get your shot from, make sure that you follow all instructions provided by medical professionals carefully. If you want to get benefit from any treatment you should follow it as it is recommended, otherwise, it’ll be a loss of time and money.

It’s also essential to take the actual hormone and support your body with proper nutrition and exercise plan while going through a treatment course of HCG injections for weight loss. 

This way, you will achieve better results faster and avoid possible risks connected with incorrect usage of this medication. Moreover, HCG injections for weight loss are also available with other medications that can potentially help you lose more weight at a rapid rate.

5. What are the benefits of using HCG injections for weight loss?

There are many benefits to using HCG injections for weight loss. The most important one is that it helps you lose weight fast and keeps the long-term results and anabolic effect on body muscles. 

This means that once you reach your target, you will not gain back all of those bouncy, filthy pounds of fat around your love handles as soon as you stop taking the shots or doing whatever else made them disappear in the first place. With HCG injections, you can expect to see a loss of about one pound per day while on a diet.

Standard benefits:

  • Lose weight and maintain it.

  • No need to diet or do strenuous exercise.

Emotional benefits:

  • Feel confident in your body again.

  • Get the love you deserve from your partner.

  • Use all of the abandoned jeans.

Physical benefits:

  • Lose fat from problem areas such as the stomach

  • Flatten your belly with a toned core.

  • Feel energetic. [4] 

6. Are there any risks associated with using HCG injections for weight loss?

There are certain risks associated with HCG injections in losing weight. Some people claim that it is risky to have an injection, while others say there are no side effects, and it is completely safe. 

Many people choose to use HCG injections for weight loss because it is a deficient-calorie diet plan and does not require any huge changes in your lifestyle. However, other risks are associated with using HCG injections that have nothing to do with your health directly. 

For example, you may experience some hair loss while on a diet. [5]  This is because, while on a diet you won’t be taking enough vitamins and minerals. It could be managed with proper supplement intake and care.

Anyhow if this happens, this is only temporary, and the hair will grow back once you finish the diet. 

7.  What are the costs associated with HCG injections?

The cost will vary depending on the amount of weight that needs to be lost and whether they choose oral HCG or injectable one. 

Generally speaking, though, most people start off using the injections, which can range from anywhere between $200-$500 for a 28-day medication. 

It’s important to note that there are different types of products available when looking at prices, so make sure you’re comparing apples with apples in terms of what kind of injection they are getting.

Oral HCGs tend to have lower rates because these usually include other ingredients such as amino acids or vitamins. 

Many companies offer HCG injections, and it can be challenging to know which one to choose. Do your research, read reviews, compare pricing and consult your doctor, before settling on a provider. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the risks of HCG injections?

  1. There are not many known risks in using HCG. Since it is a hormone naturally produced by the body, there are no adverse effects when given therapeutically in small doses, such as an injection or sublingual drops.

Q. What are homeopathic Weight Loss Drops?

  1. Homeopathic weight loss is becoming more popular because of its ease and convenience. These natural dietary supplements are effective without any side effects. Its all-natural ingredients include herbs that work together synergistically for safe and healthy results. The best part is they can save you time & money on doctor visits while helping you get rid of stubborn fat fast.

Q. Does HCG affect blood pressure?

  1. Normally, No. But, if your blood pressure varies after the administration of HCG shots, you are advised not to take more until it returns to normal levels, and your doctor allows you again. 


If you have been looking for a way to lose weight without going through the usual discomfort and distress of strict dieting and strenuous exercises, HCG injections may be an excellent option.

HCG injections work by helping the body to burn off stored fat. When you take HCG, your hypothalamus is signaled to release stored fat to be used as a sole source of energy. This process helps you lose weight quickly and safely and helps maintain your new weight after reaching your goal. 


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