About Us

michelleHello and welcome to HCGDietInfo.net. My name is Michelle and I’m on a mission to give you all the information you need to successfully lose weight on the HCG diet.

Weight loss is a heavy word that inspires doubt, excitement, and uneasy feelings. For some people the idea has already become a reality, and with others it’s a distant idea that has yet to be achieved.

This website's sole purpose is to transform your skewed perspective of weight loss into a motivating engine that will drive you to your first goal.

If you are reading this and have already tasted the sweet success of shedding a few pounds, then you my friend are in for one heck of a read! Each article on this online portal flows with ideas, tips, and information that you can use on your personal journey. Feel free to browse the selection of wisdom and motivation. You deserve it.

Michelle Hannan
Editor of HCGDietInfo.net