When looking into the HCG diet as I write about over here there is a lot of information, some of it very helpful, and some of it not very well researched. If you have come across information about any of the dangers of HCG and brushed it off as someone who doesn’t understand the diet, you may want to look again. The diet has amazing benefits for many men and women who had been unable to lose weight otherwise, but as with any weight loss plan, it can come with it’s own issues and side effects.

If you’ve spoken to your doctor or other health professional and made sure you’re healthy enough to try to diet, it’s possible that you will still experience some negative side effects of the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone. There are a great deal of resources on how to overcome side effects, but some may be more severe than others, so being aware of the dangers the HCG diet can pose is important before you begin.

Common HCG Diet Side Effects

Most Common Complaints

  • Headache
  • Fatigue

The complaints that come up most often from dieters are heard most often at the beginning of the diet, and are usually fatigue or headaches. Often this is because most people don’t get enough water throughout the day, and instead make up for it by drinking sugary drinks and consuming coffee or other caffeinated beverages when they do feel sluggish.

When your body experiences changes from your daily routines, you will notice changes and sometimes they won’t always be positive, but headaches and fatigue are easily remedied and often go away after just a few days.

Another side effect is one that only affects females, in that they will sometimes show a faint positive on a pregnancy test. Before you begin the diet you should either be on birth control, or make your partner aware that another contraceptive will need to be used during this time so you don’t have any surprises along the way.

HCG side effects can happen to anyone using HCG drops under tongue, injections or pills, so it’s important to be aware of any medical issues you have before starting the diet.

HCG Injections Side Effects

hcg side effects

Injections of HCG hormone are one of the most widely used methods of taking human chorionic gonadotropin, and the dieters who use it say they get used to giving themselves injections fairly quickly, even if they normally do not like getting a shot. The HCG shots side effects are unique to this method, since no other method uses syringes. For the most part people will feel some pain around the injection method, and slight bruising may occur if the needle was injected at an odd angle.

Most doctor offices will suggest that you switch which side you inject into each day, so the site is able to heal itself over the course of the day. In some cases, patients experience abdominal pain or even swelling at the injection site. If you are taking injections for the first time, you should try to do this at your doctor’s office so any reactions can happen while medical professionals are present. Otherwise, the side effects of HCG diet injections are the same as the common side effects you may experience. 

Dangers of HCG Drops

HCG drops side effects will depend on if you are taking homeopathic drops, or prescription oral HCG from your doctor.

Prescription HCG

If you are using a prescription you may experience headaches, constipation, cramping, and even thinning of your hair. If you have concerns about any of these, let your doctor know before you begin the diet so they can give you advice tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle.

Headaches are fairly common, as is constipation, and often this is because you are not drinking enough water. Cramps can happen due to a low level of potassium, therefore you may want to look into taking a supplement while you are on your diet. As for hairloss, this is seen by only a handful of users and normally over a long term, so again make sure you are taking vitamins and supplements to offset this.

Homeopathic HCG

When researching homeopathic HCG drops check the other ingredients that are in the bottle to see if you would react poorly to them. Since the human chorionic gonadotropin  in the homeopathic versions is not the same as in a prescription, you might experience more hunger pangs, dizziness, and headaches.

If you’ve seen some worrisome reviews, more likely you may have come across customers of Omni drops. The omni drops side effects are the same as other homeopathic liquid drops, but some customers have experienced a higher heart rate as well as high blood pressure. Omni only sells through distributors, so finding information on their ingredients and prices is a bit harder than other websites.

Are There Serious Dangers?

hcg side effects

Just like for any diet plan, there are always risks that something could cause serious issues. The HCG diet is no different, which is why it is advised that you seek out a doctor or medical office that will schedule you for weekly visits and monitor your health throughout the diet. In general, the side effects of the HCG diet aren’t harmful in the long run, though your current health issues may be aggravated by the constraints of the diet.

If you do have a history of heart problems, then the diet may not be in your best interest. Understanding your current health will give you much better insight into whether or not the mentioned HCG diet dangers are worth considering. With that said, there are no serious dangers associated with the HCG diet, just small side effects like the headaches and fatigue mentioned previously.


Human chorionic gonadotropin diet side effects aren’t something to be taken lightly neither for male nor for female, and you should bring up your concerns to your doctor before you begin the diet. While there are some patients who experience side effects that affect them negatively, it’s often due to underlying medical issues or the patient not sticking to the diet as written.

If you are considering the HCG diet contraindications are concerned how safe it is, schedule a consultation with a trusted medical professional that prescribes HCG, that way they can answer any of your questions.

Make sure you understand all aspects of the diet, so you can feel positive and secure in your choice!

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