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hcg cost

If you’ve heard about the HCG diet from friends or coworkers, and seen their great results over the past month or so, you’ve probably looked into it once or twice, wondering if it’s for you. For many patients, the amount of information available to them can be overwhelming, and after a while they inevitably wonder what the HCG diet cost is. If you’ve been thinking along the same lines, you have probably come across a variety of different costs, from 100 dollars to almost a thousand! Obviously that cost can turn anyone off from a diet, especially if the costs are upfront and insurance won’t cover any of it. 

Weight loss can be an expensive process on many programs, but HCG doesn’t have to be. Many companies offer their own versions of HCG, and there are quite a few medical offices that offer discounts when you bundle their services, so don’t let the looming cost of the HCG diet cause you to to pass it over in favor of a diet plan that may not work for you.

Over the Counter vs. Prescription HCG cost

You don’t have to look very far to find companies who offer over-the-counter HCG diet supplies, especially drops or sprays. These are different than pharmaceutical HCG in that they have are a homeopathic solution and are slightly diluted. Patients who have taken both the prescription and homeopathic versions of HCG say they are both equally effective, but take caution because there are some companies who are more reputable than others. There are a number of forums for those who are on the diet, or thinking about trying it, and you can usually find great options from the users there.

Homeopathic HCG

Homeopathic HCG costs can vary by the company, but most bottles from a quality company for a full 23 day round will usually cost between 85 to 100 dollars. You may find some companies offer two bottles for a lower price, sometimes for only the cost of a single bottle, so if you think you’ll want to try for round two or have a friend or family member who wants to try the diet with you, this is a great option. There are a few companies who do offer HCG alternatives if you are unable to take HCG for any reason, and the cost is about the same as regular homeopathic HCG drops. Patients who have taken the alternatives find they are effective in helping them lose weight throughout the diet.  

hcg cost

Prescription HCG

For a prescription HCG cost it’s a little different, and it can vary depending on a few factors. For one, if you are going in for weekly visits to a medical facility, they will charge you for each visit, and then you will also need to pay for your injections, spray, or pills, and supplies. Insurance might not cover your doctor visits, or they can ask for a copay, which is usually between 20 and 40 dollars. If you visit weekly for six weeks, that can add up to be over 200 dollars. If you are visiting an out-of-network facility, or one that doesn’t take insurance, your weekly cost could be almost 60 dollars, which adds up quickly. 

If you are taking HCG injections, most patients pay around 200 dollars over the duration of their first round, which includes the HCG, syringes, and disposal of your used needles. Although this is the most common price point, some patients have said they have paid almost 400 dollars for their HCG shots. If you are taking HCG as a pill, your cost is lower, but the price can vary widely, from 25 dollars to almost 50 dollars for your monthly supply. If you aren’t too happy about HCG injections cost, the nasal spray is another option available to you, and most offices charge between 100 to 150 dollars for a bottle that should last the duration of your round.

The Cost of HCG Approved Foods

hcg cost

Most dieters will notice that since their daily calorie intake is low, so is their grocery bill. Normally at the store you will find the brand that is healthiest and has the most value, but on the HCG diet you must be very picky with the foods you buy, which means you cannot look at price as much as you did before. You can read more on that here.

For example, regular ground beef costs less than four dollars a pound, on average, but lean grass-fed beef can be closer to eight dollars a pound. Since you can only eat 200 grams of protein daily, this means your beef will only last around two days. Stevia is often found at different prices in stores, and does cost more than regular sugar, but the cost isn’t prohibitive. Adding organic fruits and vegetables to your food list will end up costing you more than regular produce, but these are easily found in many stores, including ethnic markets where prices can be lower. 

While your initial grocery bill may come out to be higher than you thought it would, you also have to remember that you won’t be dining out during your diet, at least you shouldn’t be, which lowers the cost of food. If you choose to purchase other supplements during your diet, such as B-12 supplements or other vitamins, which you can find at any pharmacy, your cost could be higher but the health benefits of daily vitamins are worth it for your overall health.


Overall, the HCG diet cost is only as high as you let it become, and so many dieters have found that as long as they follow the diet, they will lose the weight they hoped to drop. If you are able to visit a doctor’s office for weekly treatment, and feel that route is the one that you need to take, your costs may be higher, but if that isn’t in your budget, finding a reputable store and a great support network can help you achieve your goals as well.

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