hcg triumph cover reviews
HCG Triumph Reviews

There is a lot of buzz around HCG weight loss products these days, and so many people swear by it and have posted reviews and testimonials of their effectivity. 

And sure enough, HCG weight loss products have sprung out left and right — pills, injections, drops, and the lot. They are available over-the-counter too, which makes it incredibly easy to get your hands of them.  It is perfectly valid that you be concerned about how safe and effective they are. Unscrupulous companies may try to sell you dubious — not to mention overpriced — formulations may be ineffective or even downright dangerous to your health. 

One company that you’ll find talked about the most in HCG diet blogs and articles is HCG Triumph, mostly because they offer a lot of deals. But are HCG Triumph drops effective and safe for you? 

The long and short of it is… HCG Triumph is effective to some degree but it isn’t the best.

HCG Triumph Products

HCG Triumph Reviews

Here’s what we have to say about HCG for weight loss: taking actual hormones is never a good idea. Not without medical advice. At the moment, you still cannot get a prescription for HCG as a weight loss aid.

We recommend a hormone-free alternative to the human chorionic gonadotropin. You won’t be taking the HCG hormone itself, but a blend of ingredients designed to stimulate your own body’s production of HCG. This is the safe, effective to lose those pounds quickly, HCG-style. 

HCG Triumph Drops is one such hormone-free product. It is complemented by a lot of other Triumph products and supplements, such as an appetite suppressant that boosts metabolism and keeps hunger at bay.

Are The Products Effective?

While some HCG diet users will only use prescription products, many people who have used both say that both the prescription and homeopathic blends are just as effective. Triumph reports that they are fully compliant with FDA regulations, and are 100% safe for use.

But though the products offered by Triumph seem to be trustworthy, HCG Triumph Drops is not as effective as Official HCG Diet Plan, which we find has the most effective formulation that optimizes the body's production of the HCG hormone. 

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If it weren't for the Official HCG Diet Plan, I'd probably still be struggling with the other diet options there. Instead I’m eating items such as chicken salad and soy milk. I refrain from cookies, cake, and anything with high sugar/corn syrup. I suggest Official HCG to anyone who I know who’s having a hard time losing weight and it’s also worked for them! Definitely a life-changer!" ~ Jose, Official HCG User

HCG Triumph Reviews

Triumph products have many users, which gives you a great insight into how different people respond to the supplements and human chorionic gonadotropin drops. When going over reviews, the most obvious issue that users came up against was they weren’t losing the amount of weight they had hoped they would.

After reading more in depth to these reviews, it seems the majority of them did not follow the diet as the guide book suggested, and instead believed the drops to be the sole reason they were losing weight. Some users would complain of hunger, and would solve it by eating peanut butter!

For those users who had the type of results they had hoped to achieve, it was solely because they opted to purchase the diet guide, and recipe book as well. More than a few users who tried the Triumph HCG diet bundle were pleased with the amount of money they saved, and the options they had for daily meals that were easily accessible. While reading Triumph reviews, it was noted that some users did report small side effects, which were headaches, especially at the start of the diet, and restlessness.

However, Official HCG Diet reviews are even more impressive, with more users raving about not just the speed at which they shed the weight, but also about their enhanced energy levels and lack of glaring side effects, so do check it out too.

Should I Use HCG Triumph?

With so many drops and other types on HCG in the market see my full write up here: https://hcgdietinfo.net/hcg-diet-drops-and-your-weight-loss-an-expert-guide/)  you could be wondering is this the right product. Just let me review some of HCG Triumph main advantages and I am sure you will have your mind about this product made. 

#1. Customer Service

Since HCG diet is not the simplest one, you may have some questions along the weight loss journey. And this is where one of HCG Triumph's biggest advantage comes in. The customer service you will get is undoubtedly a leader in all HCG hormone market and the specialists are there to support you 24/7.

#2. Wide Range of Supplements 

As you may already know, the list of the foods you can eat during your diet is rather strict. One of the everyday things you should forget when on the diet is chewing gum. But not with HCG Triumph as they offer a really wide selection of supplements for your diet: starting with vitamins, appetite suppressants and ending with small everyday necessities, such as chewing gum.

#3. Information

As HCG Triumph is one of the biggest HCG providers, it is not surprising they also have tons of information they share with their clients. Informative blogs, number of useful tips, food lists, recipe books and many other sources that could help your diet are there brought to you by HCG Triumph. 

#4. Price

With so many overpriced deals out there, you want to be sure that the product you're buying is worth it. Honestly, after comparing so many different HCG suppliers, it seems to me that the bundle deals offered by Official HCG are some of the best.


With the many companies trying to sell their own version of HCG diet products, it seems that Triumph is trying to create an entire diet support system. The human chorionic gonadotropin diet can be difficult to navigate at first, so being able to purchase multiple helpful products from one company can help alleviate any overwhelming feelings.

HCG Triumph may be great, but Official HCG Drops is even more promising, since many patients are unable to find a medical office nearby that can offer assistance throughout the diet.

While you should always consult a medical professional before starting any new weight loss regimen, Official HCG has more positive feedback than HCG Triumph reviews. 

There are more people who have reached their weight loss goals with the help of Official HCG than HCG Triumph. See the difference for yourself.

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