HCG Drops vs. Injections

For anyone beginning the HCG diet, or for those who are starting their second round of the diet, the decision to use injections, one of the many brands of drops or some other methods, such as pellets, will have to be made. So when it comes to the most common, HCG drops vs injections, which should you choose?

There are pros and cons of using both, and ultimately it comes down to your lifestyle, budget, and what makes you the most comfortable. You don’t want to be on a diet that makes you feel stressed out, or is a hassle for whatever reason, so to be successful in the HCG diet you need to understand which method is the most effective for your needs.

HCG Injections

Injections of human chorionic gonadotropin as I have outlined in this article nb968nbnkv-staging.onrocket.site/where-to-buy-injections-online-and-order-shots are by prescription only, and unless you are receiving your supply from your doctor’s office or local pharmacy, you’ll need to order the supplies online. The prescription version of HCG can be pricey, with costs upwards of 400 dollars or more, depending on if you are also seeing a doctor for a weekly visit. To cut down on costs, some dieters order their supplies online, which means they are in charge of ordering the correct amount and mixing their HCG shot solution themselves. While this may be no big deal to some, to others it can cause nervousness and hesitation.

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Ordering your prescription online can be convenient, but you may be worried about how safe it is to purchase HCG online.

While in almost every case you will find honest, customer-service oriented pharmacies from around the globe, you may just feel uncomfortable ordering from a medical facility, sight unseen. This is an understandable concern, but you may feel more at ease just by contacting the facility or even searching HCG weight loss forums for opinions from real life dieters who order from pharmacies online.

HCG shots do have some side effects specific to using a needle, which can be irritation or bruising at the injection site. While most every dieter comments that their injections do not hurt, there are still some who are very sensitive to the injections. If injections make you feel uneasy or squeamish, it may be time to look at HCG drops as an alternative.

If you aren’t put off by needles, and are more detailed and confident in your mixing abilities, injections are probably what is best for you.

HCG Prescription Drops

Human chorionic gonadotropin drops are taken sublingually, or underneath the tongue so it can be absorbed easily. The drops are mixed by you in your home, which is important since human chorionic gonadotropin hormone degrades quickly once mixed, and must be refrigerated quickly after mixing.

Just like injections, you can obtain prescription drops from your local medical office or pharmacy, or through an online distributor.

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Generally HCG drops are less expensive than shots, which makes them more appealing to dieters, but some have found them to be more of a hassle than injections. Since you cannot eat or drink anything before or after you take your drops, for at least thirty minutes, and you must wait until the drops absorb, some dieters find this tiresome. Another issue some come across is when drops do not absorb correctly, making people feel hungry and going for snacks they should not be eating, or consuming more calories than they should.

Homeopathic Drops

The second type of HCG drop is of the homeopathic variety. These drops are made by diluting pure human chorionic gonadotropin hormone, so your body can still gain the effects of HCG. Homeopathic drops should not be bought at the drugstore, since most of these do not contain any HCG, but mostly just metabolism and energy boosting ingredients, and some even contain sugars!

These drops are the least expensive, since they are not distributed by a pharmacy. There are many amazing companies who sell homeopathic HCG drops, with many happy customers who have lost weight using these. Since the drops are not made of pure hormone you will need to purchase a larger quantity though, and these drops will need to be taken throughout the day. Since they do need to be refrigerated, this can be a small hassle since you may not be around a refrigerator throughout the day!

If you are looking for an easy to use, budget-friendly method, HCG drops may be your answer.

HCG Drops vs Shots

At the end of the day, whichever method you choose is based on a few different factors: comfortability, convenience, and budget. While other considerations may come into play, these are the ones most dieters are confronted with. 

Regardless of your choice, choosing a reputable merchant or pharmacy is going to be your top priority, so check for a company's reputation with HCG dieters by checking blogs and forums, they’ll be sure to give you some great reviews for different companies. 

Once you’ve decided on how you want to take your HCG, you’ll be well on your way to losing weight and gaining the body you’ve always hoped for!

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