When you begin looking into the HCG diet you’ll find a few different options on how to take your HCG dosage. You’ll need to take a specific amount each day, so you need to be comfortable with whichever method you choose. The one most people use is injections, but in recent years drops as I've written about in this article, tablets, and nasal sprays have become increasingly more popular.

With users looking for even more variety, HCG weight loss cream has started to make it’s way into more dieters homes. The cream hasn’t been around as long the others, but dieters who use it find that it is easy to use, and just as effective.

Whether or not you should consider the cream depends a few different things, and some of it may just have to do with whether or not you can obtain a prescription.

Is The HCG Cream Effective?

hcg cream

To use the cream, you will need a prescription for it, and you’ll need to have it filled in a pharmacy that can do compounding. The cream is transdermal, meaning the HCG is absorbed through the skin during the day. The HCG cream contains no oils, so it aligns with the diets restrictions, and is made from a pure HCG powder.

The mixture ingredients are available to pharmacies and doctor offices, so if you have concerns, speak with the pharmacy before you fill your prescription with them. It is applied each day, in a specific amount set by your doctor, to the inner wrist. While you may have some hesitation on how well it works, rest assured that it has been reported as being just as effective as the drops or injections by the many doctors offices who prescribe it.

Are There Any Side Effects?

  • As with anything you apply to your skin, be it lotion, gel or anything else, you’ll want to do an allergy check to be sure you have no reactions to the cream. Although your doctor will be aware of any allergies you may have, sometimes you only realize you have an allergy when you come across something that triggers it. If your doctor has a sample, ask to do a patch test on your arm to check for a reaction.
  • Since HCG has been reported to give some patients insomnia, apply the cream in the mornings, especially because it will absorb slowly throughout the day.
  • Other side effects include headaches, especially in the beginning stages of the diet, slight acne, and fatigue. Normally these go away after the first week or so, and are usually because you aren’t taking in enough fluids during the day.

Why Should I Choose The Cream?

hcg cream

So many dieters who turn to the HCG protocol are turned off by the idea of daily injections, but they still want a product that they know is safe, and feel that they can only get that with a prescription. If this is something you have thought about, then talking to your doctor about the HCG weight loss cream is something you may want to consider. If you do not have access to a pharmacy that offers compounding, check online for pharmacies that specialize in compounding HCG prescriptions. Again, if this isn’t something you feel particularly comfortable with, there are other options for your HCG diet.

The cream is a very simple way to take your daily dose of HCG though it does need to stay refrigerated. Some dieters who travel often for work find this doesn’t work for them, so look at your lifestyle needs when deciding if you should use the cream or not.

There is not defining reason why you should choose HCG diet cream, whichever method you choose depends solely on what you are most comfortable with, your access to a medical office that works with HCG diet patients, and your everyday routines. While the HCG diet itself is a lifestyle change, you can’t stop doing your job or taking care of your family, so make sure you take care of yourself by choosing the best method for you.

For many, they find the cream is a great option since it is easy to apply, and comes from a pharmacy.


hcg cream

In order for any HCG method to work correctly, the diet needs to be followed exactly as written by Dr. Simeon. The cream may be relatively new to the scene, but dieters who want a different option are enjoying it for a number of reasons. Some dieters mentioned that they’re getting a safer alternative since it is only available by prescription, while others enjoy how easy it is to rub the cream into their skin in the mornings before they begin their day.

While the cream may not be for everyone, it definitely has its place in the HCG diet and is something you should consider if you are looking for an alternative to the usual way you take your HCG.

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