Cheating on HCG diet

Everyone has heard the term “cheat day” as it pertains to dieting and exercising, and for many diet plans having a cheat day won’t make a huge impact. The HCG diet is different, because you are only supposed to be on low-calorie portion of it for only a few weeks of phase 2, so a cheat day just doesn’t make sense in this situation. Why do people cheat on their diets? Everyone will give different reasons, and normally it boils down to the type of food that people want to eat are not a part of the VLCD hcg phase of this diet plan.

Do you remember the last diet plan you saw that said you can lose weight just by eating a box of cookies each day? Of course not, because the amount of sugars in those cookies won’t help anyone lose any weight. If you’ve already cheated on your diet you may come across information that says that it’s okay to do so throughout the diet, but that information is incorrect. Don’t start to feel down about cheating on HCG diet plans though, lots of people end up doing it, and you can come back from it.

What May be the Consequences?

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The main product of cheating will always be weight gain, from just a couple of pounds to almost five pounds! The best case scenario is that nothing happens, or you don’t lose any pounds for a day or two. The worst thing that can happen really doesn’t have anything to do with your weight though, it has to do with your mindset.

Let’s say you come home after a bad day at work, you look in the fridge and there is nothing you want to eat, so you look in the cabinet and there, right in front of you, is a glorious bag of salty potato chips. You sneak one small handful and then afterward you think, “I’ve already ruined my diet, what’s a few handfuls more?”. You know where this is going, and hopefully you see the problem in this scenario.

Cheating on HCG can lead to not only weight gain, it can also cause you to stop the diet altogether, or cheat often and gain often. Neither of these outcomes are positive, and many journeys have stalled or ended completely because of one bad day.

What Not To Do After Cheating

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The first thing you should not do if you end up cheating on the diet is to get too down on yourself about it. Everyone makes mistakes, and we can always learn from them. The next thing to do after cheating is to stop stressing out and definitely stop the multiple trips to the bathroom scale to weigh yourself.

If you are trying to compensate for your HCG cheat day, don’t try an apple day to balance things out. An apple day is supposed to help you get over a plateau in your weight loss, but it won’t help you if you have already reintroduced carbs or sugars into your body with foods that are not on the HCG diet plan. You also don’t want to try to “make up for it” by lowering your calorie count after a cheat day. This idea is very dangerous, and will do more damage to your diet than if you just start the next day on the right track.

So What Should I Do After I Cheat on HCG diet?

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Sometimes people cheat because they’re in the wrong place at the right time, like a baby shower, birthday party, or large family gathering. It’s not always easy to resist, especially when everyone around you is commenting on how delicious everything tastes. If you hadn’t planned for this, you might find yourself halfway into a large piece of chocolate cake without even remembering how you got there!

Cheating alright, and it happens to almost everyone on the diet at some point, and usually happens to anyone who is on any diet. There are a few different ways to bounce back though, so take a deep breath, take your HCG and remember that not all is lost.

Tips To Follow After You Cheat

  • After you cheat it’s best to stay away from your carbs and sugars for the next couple of days, instead eat your proteins and fresh vegetables. More than likely your indulgence already introduced more sugars than you realized, so stay away from the sugars in fruits for just a couple of days.
  • To help you with your bounce back be sure that you are drinking lots of water to keep yourself hydrated.
  • The next thing you need to do after you cheat is to make a plan so this doesn’t happen again. You don’t need to scold yourself, or give yourself unnecessary restrictions, but instead come up with realistic options that fit your lifestyle. For example, keeping a few HCG approved snacks in your bag, or keeping a list of foods and portion sizes that you can eat if you find yourself at a neighborhood barbeque can help.
  • You might also want to check the amount of HCG you are taking in each day, if you consistently find that you are hungry during the day, you might want to consult your doctor about upping your daily intake.

Isn’t An HCG Cheat Day Okay If It’s In Moderation?

There are plenty of stories online that have dieters who interrupt their HCG diets with cheat days and still succeed. We’re not downplaying that success in any way, any weight loss is a great thing! Cheating on HCG diet plans not only undermine your own success, but they also make it harder for your body to adjust during your time on the diet. If your body is receiving the same amount of calories each day, with low carbs and sugars, and then one day you introduce far more of them, it’s going to store that fat quickly. 

Trust in the diet to do it’s job, and you’ll be far happier with your results at the end.


Cheating while on the HCG diet can make you feel like you’ve just failed yourself, but you can come back from it and be a stronger person because of it. Are you going to want that big bowl of pasta at the end of a hard day? Of course you will. Life gets in the way of our goals sometimes, but you can push past those temptations and get to the healthy weight that you want to be. The number one takeaway from cheating is to keep moving forward, and don’t feel down about your cheating. It can happen to anyone, so get back on track and don’t forget all the good work you’ve done and the amazing results you’ll see.

And for the end - tempting, but truthful video about cheating on your diet.

Learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward!

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