How many times have you seen a commercial about an amazing breakthrough in weight loss, with before and after pictures and reviews that make you call or go online to order, and then fall short of your expectations? It’s happened to almost everyone who has tried to lose weight, which is why seeing HCG diet before and after pictures may make you skeptical.

It can be scary to start a new diet, especially if you’ve tried many others before. It’s hard to set yourself up for great results, and then in a few months find that you’ve lost only a few pounds, or worse, you’ve gained a pound or two. For many it’s easy to give up, to say that nothing will work, and to stop smiling when you look in the mirror.

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Starting the HCG diet may bring up those same feelings, especially if you’ve hit a plateau like so many others have. You may be worried about gaining the weight back, or if you can even make it through the first round with your hectic lifestyle. These are common, but fortunately, there are so many real-life success stories that have men and women with your same concerns, who have dropped the weight and finally feel good enough that when they look in mirror they don’t just smile, they are beaming with joy.

Are These HCG Success Stories Real?

The short answer is yes, they are real!

The longer answer is yes, these success stories highlight men and women who began the HCG diet using injections or drops, and lost at least 15 pounds while on it. You’ll see that not everyone had an easy journey, and that some of them have continued the HCG diet past round one. While this may not work for you in the long run, especially if you have young children or have a job that requires you to be very active, these are people who were so pleased with the diet that they wanted to continue.

There are stories of people who it did not work for, and in our research we were able to see that for many it was because they were not able to complete the diet for personal or health reasons, or because they suffer from a health issue that makes losing weight much more complicated. This is why, as I mention here, HCG dieters are urged to consult with their doctors before beginning the diet, and find a medical office that offers weekly check-ins so these problems can be found very quickly.

HCG Before and After Stories

If you search the Internet for stories about dieters who got amazing HCG diet results, you will come across so many stories of people who thought weight loss was not in the cards for them, and then they discovered the HCG diet and their lives changed.

A favorite story comes from a woman named Terri who felt so down about her weight that even family gatherings made her feel insecure and down. She weighed 189 pounds, and felt that current diet plans were out of her reach due to taking care of her young children and the cost associated with many meal delivery plans. She tried the HCG diet after a recommendation from a family member, and the results we fascinating - she ended up losing 45 pounds.

While she does talk about her amazing weight loss, she also talks about her cholesterol levels lowering, as well as her blood pressure. She’s a great example of what you can achieve not only in your outward appearance, but in your overall health as well.


Thanks to the HCG diet,  I feel healthier and more confident than I have in many years. I've kept the weight off for almost a year now and I know I'll never go back to my old weight.  I have energy to play with my kids and I'm happier than ever. 

On an online blog, Rahul chronicles how he felt during his HCG weight loss journey from day one. The blogger gives a lot of solid advice for what to do when he was feeling a specific way, like when he worried that he could not maintain his weight, or if he was having headaches and was unsure if this was normal on the diet.  While Rahul tried different diets to maintain his weight, he credits the HCG in giving him a second chance in life. Normally we see women who are very vocal about their emotional weight loss journeys, so it’s always an inspiration to see men open up and share their own HCG diet before and after success stories.

I've tried other diets and exercising but nothing helped me lose the pounds and keep them off. The HCG diet has been a game changer! I've lost over 30 pounds so far and I'm positive I'll keep on losing. 


Can You Believe the Pictures?

How many times have you seen a picture of a smiling, tanned man or woman who is holding up a pair of their old “fat jeans”, while wearing athletic wear? Far too often in our opinion, especially because so many of these before and after photos are photoshopped, and are completely unrealistic. When you come across HCG before and after photos, you might think the same way, that these people were probably paid to lose a lot of weight, and they aren’t as true to life as they want you to believe.

This is why we love reading testimonials and seeing photos from real people around the internet. Our favorite thing to see is that these men and women aren’t showing off their rock-hard abs, instead they’re just normal people in regular clothes, who are showing that they have lost weight using the HCG diet. Each person who sent in photos and stories had their own hurdles to overcome, and most thought the same way, that there was no way this could work for them.

If you cannot believe the pictures tho, check out the video below by Rayzel from


When we see these astounding images of men and women who have lost upwards of 100 pounds through numerous rounds of the diet it’s always a pleasure to see that the HCG results are splendid and the dieters are losing a lot of weight.

Some of the best HCG diet success stories are from those who learned how to eat right and maintain their weight once they are off the diet.

If your relationship with food is keeping you from reaching your weight loss goals, the HCG diet can help you get to the size you feel confident in. There is no commercial for HCG, with a perky host wearing tight clothing telling you how amazing the diet works, there are only real people, with real busy lives, who are achieving their weight loss goals, and they can’t wait to let you know all about it.

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