Nothing can be more frustrating than hitting a plateau on your weight loss during your HCG diet when it seems the diet is just not working. You can go over your daily meals, recheck the ingredients on the foods you’re eating, and even drive yourself crazy trying to make sure your skin care products are in alignment with the dietary restrictions.

Hitting an HCG plateau is common during any phase of the diet, and can sometimes be the result of something simple that you overlooked, or a misunderstanding about what is and isn’t allowed during the diet. There are a few things you can do that work great as an HCG diet plateau breaker, but understanding why it’s happening will give you better insight on how to beat it.

Why Is My Diet Stalling?

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For most people on the HCG diet, the most irritating part can come during a plateau. Up to this point, you’ve been dropping pounds rapidly and seeing great results, and now you’re just not losing weight. If you’re following the diet, you will overcome the plateau within just a few days, so you may want to first check that your daily meals are in alignment with the protocol. Your diet can also stall from water retention, and often comes closer to the end of the diet. You can actually show a weight gain from this as well, so try not to fret too much if you’re doing everything else correctly.

The HCG diet is also one that doesn’t include exercising, so if you are, you need to scale back since exercise during the diet can mess with your metabolism, causing it to slow. To be sure you are following the diet correctly, check your calorie intake, and make sure you are not using artificial sweeteners, as only stevia is allowed to sweeten your drinks.

Lastly, check your cosmetics to see if they have any oils as an ingredient. During your diet you may be experiencing dry skin, but your lotions and makeup must be oil free, so be sure it says it is water based or oil free.

What HCG Stall Breakers Are Available?

While the HCG diet is constructed in such a way that you are able to drop pounds easily throughout a short amount of time, for a vast majority of people this can also lead to a plateau. Since this can add stress, you want to get over the hump quickly, since stress can lead to some poor eating habits and you don’t want to derail all your efforts.

hcg plateau

While there are dozens of diet plateau breakers suggested by both users of the diet, and medical offices who prescribe HCG to patients for weight loss, you need to understand your own body and moods. For example, one common suggestion is to create an “apple day” (about which you can read here), when you drink only up to one quart of water and each time you get hungry you eat an apple, up to six per day.

If you know that you do not like apples, or know that you would not make it through such a boring eating day, then you know yourself well enough to choose the best fixes for you. Some easy HCG stall busters are dependent on your daily habits, like making sure you get enough sleep.

Other Plateau Busters

    • Not mixing your vegetables.
    • Try a steak day as I write about here.
    • Adding green tea to your daily fluid intake, with no more than three cups per day.
    • Checking for additives in your proteins, and eating grass-fed organic beef.
    • Add two to three quarts of water to your daily intake.
    • If you are on any new medications or have started your menstrual cycle, you’ll find that you may put on weight due to these changes.
    • Remove one of your breads.
    • Take magnesium if you’re also dealing with constipation.
    • Take two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, or an apple cider vinegar tablet each day. Check that your apple cider vinegar is organic and unfiltered.

Don't Give Up!

Most plateaus last only a couple of days, but some can go on for up to five. It’s understandable to feel upset as you imagine your weight loss goals slipping away from you, but there are many things you can do to get past it.

The HCG diet has worked for thousands, and if you follow the correct protocol on the hcg diet, it can work for you too, you just have to take it day by day. If you were to search online forums about people who came up against a plateau, you’d find that almost everyone hits one, but they also have the tools to overcome them, and they do!

Hitting a plateau isn’t a sign to give up, it’s a sign to keep climbing, and reach your goals!

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