One of the best ways to relax is to take a warm bath, and the HCG diet has a great detoxifying bath that you can take when you need to wind down and perhaps get through a plateau as well. While most everyone hits a stall when they are on phase two of the diet, it can still be a source of anxiety.

We're guessing you've already read about the apple day in previous articles (if not - feel free to click here). Apple days can help take care of those pounds that refuse to budge, but sometimes a little extra help is needed, especially at the end of a long day of only eating apples. While some dieters do report that they have used the detox bath and lost upwards of 2 pounds the next day, others find it may not work. Often this is caused by other dietary issues unrelated to the bath itself. Overall, HCG dieters look forward to a detoxifying bath to help them break their stall.

What Is An HCG Detox Bath?

An HCG detox bath is specifically for those who have hit the dreaded plateau, though some dieters choose to do it at the end of their diet as well, just to drop a few extra pounds before phase 3. The bath uses a blend of epsom salt and baking soda to draw out toxins. The Epsom salt itself is made of magnesium sulfate, which is released when it is added to water. Magnesium is meant to reduce inflammation, and promote circulation, while sulfate aids in the absorption of nutrients, and helps the body to flush toxins from the system.

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Baking soda has many uses, and we normally think of it for our household chores, or to help whiten our teeth, but when used in a bath it can help in detoxification and doesn’t leave any residue behind. While essential oils are often used in relaxing baths, make sure you steer clear of those when filling your tub, as oils are not allowed during the diet as I talk about on this post:

Are There Any Side Effects?

During your bath, you will end up sweating quite a bit, and this is completely normal. With that said, if you suffer from high blood pressure or are prone to fainting, detox bath may not be a good option for you. The bath works by releasing toxins through your sweat, which helps you get rid of water weight as well, so it is best to do this before bedtime.

The bath can cause you to feel light headed, as you’ve lost a lot of water, so take advantage of the relaxation portion and go straight from your tub to bed, and perhaps sneak in one episode of that television series you’ve been meaning to finish.

How To Take A Detox Bath

  • Fill your tub with hot water, as hot as you can handle without it being harmful to your skin.
  • Add in one cup of Epsom salt, 1 cup of sea salt, and ½ cup of baking soda, it should not require very long to dissolve into the bath.
  • Some other things you can add to your tub are the following:
    • Ginger, which will cause you to sweat quite a bit, but is wonderful in aiding digestion.
    • Green tea for it’s antioxidant properties and to lower cholesterol
    • Rosemary for digestion, which should be added as a dry ingredient
    • Lemon to help you destress
    • Dried Lavender for relaxation

Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Bath

Dieters who enjoy their detox baths have their own tips on how to get the most out of it as well. For maximum benefit, stay in the tub for at least 20 minutes, and then take a cool shower for 5 minutes right after. Some like to go from the bath straight to a heated blanket, just to make sure they have sweat out all of their toxins! An HCG detox bath can serve other uses as well, such as relieving pain or muscle aches, calming headaches, and helping you relax after a particularly stressful day.

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To keep from becoming lightheaded during the bath, take a large bottle of cold water or a small glass of sugar-free orange juice with you to sip on during the bath. While you are supposed to sweat a lot during your bath, you should never feel ill during it. If this happens you should get out of the tub and start your cooler shower.


A detox bath is how many dieters can break a stall easily, and it helps them to relax as an added bonus. Your bath doesn’t have to be only a detox bath, and you can add different items to the tub if you are experiencing headaches or muscle pain as well. While a detox bath cannot be used by everyone, it is a great way to lose those stubborn few pounds and help get your weight loss back on track. Just don't get upset if it's not for you - you can find many other ways to get on track over in this post.

The detox bath can get you through a plateau and help you relax at the same time!

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