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When reading about all different ways to take your daily dosage of HCG, pills and pellets sound as a perfect option and you may be one of the people who thought it was just as good as injections or drops.

However, it is not.

More on this in a bit...

If you value your health and money and do not want to put all dieting effort to waste, you should first read why pills and pellets are not your best choice and consider other ways to take HCG. 

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Firstly, HCG from pills and pellets is absorbed by your system differently making it much harder to get your dose right.

I really can't stress this point enough as getting the dose wrong due to your body absorbing the pellets differently at different times will be disastrous. You will get hungry, tired and will be at serious risk of failing.

If you don't want to take injections (which I can certainly understand) the best product for you then is HCG Triumph Drops. Your weight loss will skyrocket with these drops and it will be much easier to stick to the protocol.

I simply would not risk it if I were you since I have heard horror stories from far too many people.


The 46 day program of pellets will set back $397 with the best pellets provider Nu Image Medical. The best deal of 40 day HCG Triumph drops, on the other hand, will cost you only half of that. And you can save even more if you choose HCG drops and use the coupon code I have. Just hurry up and do it today!

I have tried many diets in the past and they always been a monumental effort to lose a few pounds, feeling hungry and deprived the whole time, only to gain the weight back within a couple of months.

But everything changed when I found HCG Triumph. I am now down a total of 37 pounds and from a size 20 to a size 12/14.

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Below you can see my original post for reference but as I said above I am no longer recommending the pellets.

HCG Pills, Pellets and Tablets

Injecting yourself with HCG sounds scary right? I know it did to me when I first started!

So how can you get started losing weight using human chorionic gonadotropin hormone without injecting yourself? Read on and discover how you can use HCG to shed body fat comfortably and safely!

There is a lot of talk around the web in regards to HCG Injections and drops and their ability to assist in your weight loss goals, when it comes to HCG pills there is very little information. As you'll soon find out this does not mean that this is not an effective manner of weight loss.  

What it does mean is that this is a newer method available to us, and thus has not had the time to become as well used as the alternatives. This review below has all the information and instructions you need to read before deciding if HCG pellets is the right method for you.

What Do I Need to Look For To Use HCG Pellets?

HCG pellets are also referred to as pills or tablets, it is important that you are buying real HCG tablets rather than homeopathic human chorionic gonadotropin.  In order to do so you’ll find it necessary to acquire a prescription.  

But Homeopathic HCG Is So Much Cheaper…

Yes, homeopathic HCG is much cheaper and you can buy them over the counter, but that’s because it’s not the actual hormonal supplement and thus is not regulated as human chorionic gonadotropin is, and it does not have the same restrictions to purchase.

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Because homeopathic pellets or capsules are a synthetic product and not the actual hormonal supplement they will not have the same hunger reducing properties that are found in the true hormonal supplement. This means that your body will depend on the 500 calorie a day dies in itself to reduce your weight. This will be a very painful process for you as your body will not be able to supplement itself with your natural fat reserves, and instead, you’ll be burning muscle mass and retaining fat. 

This is why it’s so vitally important for you to be sure that you only purchase true HCG tablets.

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How Do You Use HCG Pills?

We’ve all heard before that human chorionic gonadotropin as a molecule is too large for our body to absorb easily, and that it cannot survive exposure to stomach acids. 

So, how do you use these pellets?  Much like the sublingual HCG drops, it’s important that the pellets or tablets be placed underneath your tongue. This will allow them to dissolve slowly and be absorbed by your body.  However, oral HCG diet pills are available in limited dosages, therefore adjusting your dosage if needed is a bit more complicated and there really is no way to consistently adjust your dosage.

What Are The Benefits Of Pellets Then?

Easy to Use Yet Effective

Pellets are very easy to use, safely and effectively. They are just as effective as drops, and some say even more so because of the slower dissolve time allowing the body to absorb the hormones more completely. For this reason, you will get same hunger reducing effects as from the injections without daily needle stick that prevents so many from using the HCG injections successfully.

There is a lot of controversy about how effective the hunger abating properties are when you cannot easily adjust the dosage, but there are a large number of users who have used them successfully. In the event that you have more weight to lose, 50+ lbs the pellets seem to have the most success in their unaltered form.


In addition one of the biggest things about pellets is their portability. If you travel a lot, you’ll find that you aren’t able to successfully use the drops or injections as they require refrigeration. In this case pellets is the best HCG product for you.

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Where Do I Get Pharmaceutical Pellets?

Currently, you can buy pellets from many wholesale sources that claim to have them available. However, the deeper you look the more often you’ll find that these sites are not actually selling pharmaceutical quality pellets, instead they are selling homeopathic HCG tablets.  

As you have already read, the homeopathic HCG tablets are not as effective as the real HCG so you will struggle on your weight loss journey way more. 

After reviewing and contacting number of HCG suppliers we found so many knockoff deals you would be surprised. But there is one supplier we found that is the best one in terms of quality and price. We are confident in recommending to you Nu Image Medical offering the best real deals in the market. 

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Nu Image Medical

  • Phone consultation and physician review via Telehealth service
  • Prescription provided in your nameLicensed pharmacy held to US regulations and requirements
  • Phone, email, or online chat support available daily
  • Worldwide shipping availableLarge source of information available for new and experienced users
  • Complete selection of supplies to ensure successLab test results available on site
  • Free B-12 enriched mixing solution
  • All major credit cards exceptedGround shipping as well as expedited overnight shipping available.


If you are interested in losing weight naturally and feel that the HCG diet would be the best option for you you’ll find many different ways to intake the hormone and even more suppliers of it. For your pills and pellets I would strongly recommend you to check out Nu Image Medical where you will find all the support and information that you need to be successful on the HCG pellet protocol.

As always it has been our privilege to be here for you in order to aid you in your research on HCG products where you can buy them with confidence.

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